Legal Services for Businesses and Entities

  At Ferran Abogados - Lawyers we work with you (and your team) to reach the best and most feasible outcomes possible, providing legal services of the highest quality by qualified professionals.

  As a judicial department independent of your business entity we are your most reliable provider of legal services, inspiring confidence and trust.

  Our legal team is composed of professionals with a wide range of expertise on a national as well as international level; you can count on us to be there for you, when and where you may need us.

  We are not satisfied to only be your legal and notary service provider: instead we aspire to exceed your expectations and become your legal team of confidence.


Areas of Expertise:


Commercial and Corporate Law

Constitutional Law.

Self-Employment and Professionals.

Small and Mid-sized Businesses.

Hiring Processes.


Accounting and Audits.

Information Protection and E-commerce.

Arbitration and Mediation.

Rights of the Banking Sector.

Civil Responsibility and Public Safety.

Internationalisation/Outsourcing of a Business.


Outsourced legal department of your company or organization

We specialize in providing Small and Mid-sized businesses and institutions of all kinds outsourcing your legal department, thereby encompassing the entire day advice they may require, becoming your legal services provider.

Tax and Tributary Law

Real Estate and Urban Planning Law

As well as the following areas

Arbitration – Interests and Rights


Bankruptcy and Insolvency –Personal and Business


Business Leases

Business Licensing and Zoning

Business Purchase and Sale/Lease

Child/Spousal Support

Child Custody and Access

Child Protection Proceedings

Class Action – Civil Law

Collaborative Family law

Commercial Contracts

Commercial Landlord and Tenant

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Real Estate

Computer Law

Construction Law

Construction Liens

Copyright – Business Law

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

Debt Collections

Directors Officers Duties – Business Law

Disability Law

Division of Property and Assets


Education Litigation

Employment Contracts

Employment Equity

Employment Standards

Estate Litigation

Estate Planning


Foreign Judgements, Decisions and Awards

Human Rights


Individual Employment Representations



Insurance Litigation

Intellectual Property – Civil Law

Intellectual Property Protection – Business Law

International Business

International Divorce

International Real Estate

International Trade

Management Representation – Labour Law

Mortgage Agreements

Mortgage Defaults

Municipal/Zoning – Business Law

Municipal – Administrative Law

Municipal – Civil Law

Municipal Law/Planning Issues – Real Estate Law

Non-Profit Charitable Organisation/Corporations

Occupational Health and Safety

Partnerships – Business Law

Patents – Business Law


Pensions – Labour and Employment Law

Personal Bankruptcy/Insolvency

Personal Injury – Civil Law

Personal Property Security/Financing Security – Business Law

Power of Attorney

Privacy and Freedom of Information – Administrative Law

Product Liability – Civil Law

Professional Discipline Hearings – Labour Law

Professional Malpractice

Property Damage

Real Estate Litigation – Civil and Real Estate Laws

Representation Agreements – Estate Law

Residential Landlord and Tenant

Residential Real Estate

Securities Law – Business Law

Separation and Divorce – Contested or Uncontested

Social Programme – Administrative Law

Tax Law – Business Law

Tax Litigation – Civil Law

Taxes – Real Estate Law

Trusts and Wills – Estate Law

Unionised Personnel – Labour Law

Workers´ Compensation – Labour Law

Wrongful Dismissal – Civil Law

Wrongful Dismissal – Labour Law

Workplace Health and Safety

Administrative Law

Industrial and Intellectual Property


Defense against Trademark Courts.


Technology Law and Data Protection

Bankruptcy Law